How To Make Payment On NetAccess Selfcare Portal.

1. Browse to

2. click on selfcare.

3. Put in your user ID and password (your user ID is same as password).

4. Click on SIGN IN. This takes you to your dashboard.

5. On the left-hand side of your dashboard, Click on make payment, a dialogue box will pop up with 2 options.

6. Option 1: Pay using Gateway.
Option 2: Pay using Quickteller. Visit SelfCare

Option 1:

Pay using Gateway, type the amount you want to pay in the box marked amount, tick the small box to accept terms and conditions and click on confirm. This will take you to the Interswitch Payment Gateway where you put in your card details.Visit SelfCare

Option 2:

Click on Quickteller right below the first option. You will be redirected to Quickteller/netaccess page. Type in your Email/phone number, User ID and select RENEW from the listed options. Click on continue. On the next page, put in your card details and complete the payment process. Visit SelfCare

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